Epic Dental - Xylitol Mints - Fruit Xylitol Bottle - 180 ct

So irresistible, you'll want to keep a bottle in your car, your desk drawer AND your briefcase. Sugar-free and sweetened exclusively with xylitol, Epic's Fresh Fruit Mints give a little kick to your daily 6 grams of xylitol that dentists worldwide recommend to help stop tooth decay. We're perfect for those who've always picked the orange tic tacs ... and you're assured, too, that those with lesser palettes than yours will shy away - too timid to step up to the fruity-healthy-minted plate. DETAILSPerfect Size for Cupholder or Desk Drawer100% Xylitol-SweetenedContains NO AspartameNatural Citrus Flavors, Contains NO Mint
  • Gluten Free

Length: 2 inch X Width: 2 inch X Length: 3 inch X
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